Streamline Job Advertisement & Resume Filter Solution – Fee $2,850 + Website Fee 

Job Description & Post Creation: We will curate a customized job description for the job posting and distribute on various websites.

Resume Review: We will diligently assess every submitted resume with careful consideration and attention to detail.

Candidate Filtering: Following the resume review process, we filter out candidates who do not meet the required qualifications and subsequently submit you with a refined selection of applicants.

Up to 120 Days: We will diligently review applicants for a period of up to 120 days, or until a suitable candidate is identified prior to that timeframe.

Retained Search – Fee TBA

Needs Assessment: The search firm will conduct a thorough needs assessment with the client to understand the requirements of the role, the culture of the company, and the key competencies needed for the position.

Job Specification Development: The search firm will work with the client to develop a detailed job specification that includes the roles, responsibilities, required skills and experience, and other relevant details.

Candidate Sourcing: The search firm will then conduct a comprehensive search to identify potential candidates. This can involve extensive networking, leveraging existing databases of potential candidates, and headhunting.

Screening and Interviewing: The search firm will screen potential candidates, conduct initial interviews, and assess their suitability for the role.

Interview Coordination: The search firm often assists in scheduling and coordinating the interview process between the client and the shortlisted candidates.

Reference Checks: The firm also often conducts thorough reference checks and background verification of the potential candidates.

Offer Negotiation: The search firm will typically assist in negotiating the offer with the chosen candidate, ensuring that both the client and the candidate are satisfied with the terms.

One Year Guarantee: Once we successfully place a candidate with your organization, we provide a 1-year guarantee period from their start date. During this time, if the candidate does not meet your performance expectations or leaves the organization for any reason, we will work diligently to find a suitable replacement at no additional cost to you. Please note that the guarantee includes a one-time replacement.

The key differentiator of a retained search is the level of commitment from the search firm to fill the position, backed by the upfront fee. This makes retained searches ideal for high-level, executive, or other hard-to-fill roles where finding the right candidate is of utmost importance.

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